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Angels Santé

Angels Santé is the largest Angel Group in Europe dedicated to healthcare investment. Since 2008, we've brought to the market our extensive know-how in cross-border investment and support to healthcare companies.

Angels santé


Service A: Individual 360º assessment 

Customised supported self-evaluation of the companies essential focus areas to grow their business. 4 focus areas will be selected out of 18 options, with the guidance of 2 healthcare experts through a 2-hour session. At the end of the assessment, a full report with key outcomes is provided to the EIC beneficiary. 

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Service B: Mentoring 

Following the 360º assessment, each EIC beneficiary will benefit from 6 hours of 1-to-1 mentoring with 1 or 2 healthcare experts to work on up to 2 of the selected focus areas. 

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Angels santé
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