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European Innovation Council

Annie Vashakmadze

EIC Ambassador


Head of International Relations Department at Georgia's Innovation & Technology Agency

Ani (Annie) Vashakmadze, a Tech Diplomat with over 5 years of experience, specializes in fundraising and sectorial development within Georgia's innovation landscape. Currently, as the Head of the Department for International Relations at Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), she brings 12 years of expertise in economics and commercial diplomacy.

Annie is also an Associate Professor at the Business and Technology University of Georgia, focusing on Innovation Management and Sustainability. Certified as an Entrepreneurs Coach by SIYB/ILO, she has a background in supervising the Training of Trainers for 500 Global in Georgia, an international accelerator.

In her previous roles, Annie served as the vice-chair at TOS ICP Bureau at UNECE and currently holds a position as a bureau member for the Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Public-Private Partnerships.

Notably, Annie has been actively engaged with the special sub-committee on Innovation and R&D Commercialisation, working within the framework of the Association Agreement with the EU and the implementation of Georgia's Innovation Agenda. As a Netherlands Trainee Fellow of the WTO, her valuable experience at the Economic Research Division and ITTC underscores her comprehensive understanding of international economic dynamics and innovation policy.