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European Innovation Council

Co-investing with the EIC Fund

Our offer

Partnering with the EIC Fund is a strategic opportunity for investors with a genuine commitment to the European Union’s values and for emerging funds and foreign investors breaking into European Capital.

We offer a comprehensive, competitive, and highly qualified portfolio of companies selected through the EIC Accelerator.


EIC Fund Investments

  • Comprehensive 
    • Access to a pipeline of investment opportunities in Europe’s most exciting startups covering all verticals including health, energy, green, digital and deep-tech.
  • Competitive
    • Our portfolio companies were selected following a competitive process where only 159 out of 6,700 startups (the top 2%) were retained.
  • Qualified
    • Each company has been onboarded into the EIC Community, with access to coaches, mentors, expertise and training and access to global partners (leading corporates, investors, procurers, distributors, clients), innovation ecosystem actors and peers.

Co-investment platform

Investors we are looking for

The EIC platform is open to Venture Capital funds, Corporate venture arms (CVCs), Private equity Funds, Impact Funds, Angel Investors, Family Offices, and others types of investors aligned with the EIC Fund values:

  • Proven record of investments in early-stage European companies (seed, series A, B, but also later) of at least €500,000 in the last 2 years.
  • Preferably a ticket size of around €0.5 to €15 million.
  • Expertise in deep tech and science-driven innovations, with the capacity to provide expertise, mentoring and networking to our innovators in specific industries, key enabling technologies and business models.
  • Willingness to lead the investment round or bring another lead investor.


Contact us

EIC Fund

Reach out to us to learn more about the opportunities available for companies and investors.

EIC Fund
investmentsateicfund [dot] eu
Phone number
+ 32 2 343 272

Co investment platform