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European Innovation Council

The EIC aims to identify and support breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations to create new markets and scale up internationally

The European Innovation Council is a key novelty of Horizon Europe and represents the most ambitious innovation initiative that Europe has taken, with a budget of €10 billion for the period 2021-2027.

Funding opportunities

Support to research teams to research or develop an emerging breakthrough technology

Mature a novel technology and develop a business case to bring it to market

Funding and investments through the EIC Fund for individual start-ups and small companies to develop and scale up game changing innovations

Take the challenge and compete for an EIC Prize which rewards Europe's leading innovators

Investment Opportunities

The EIC Fund is looking for investment partners -
discover more and check the Investment Guidelines.


EIC Strategy and Communities

Meet the leading innovators who advise the EIC on its overall strategy and performance

Meet our first in-house experts who head EIC support in health, digital and green-deal portfolios

Find peers, partners and experts to accelerate your project onto European and global markets by joining the EIC online Community Platform

The EIC draws on a wide range of external advice and expertise in order to select the most promising projects and companies and to support them

EIC projects in your region or in your business area



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