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European Innovation Council
Supporting research and deep tech projects with a high degree of scientific ambition and risk.
Supporting maturation and validation of novel ideas from lab to business. A bridge between research and application development.
Supporting start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and scale up to new markets or disrupt existing ones.

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Meet our first in-house experts who head EIC support in various portfolios such as health, digital, green-deal, space, construction or technology

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EIC ambassadors act as a voice for the EIC in the Member States, and provide feedback from all corners of the innovation ecosystem

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The EIC draws on a wide range of external advice and expertise in order to select the most promising projects and companies and to support them

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The game changers: from idea to innovative business. Interviews with EIC Programme Managers - technology experts from fascinating industries including space, energy, health and quantum - on the latest technology trends.

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Tech Talks
Tech Talks

Visionary Programme Managers – in collaboration with various experts from across the European tech ecosystem – guide and connect portfolios of EIC projects and companies in support of major technological goals. Hear more from them in these videos.

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Latest statistics - EIC Accelerator June 2023 cut-off

Companies selected
€349 million
Estimated budget
Female CEO
Receive blended finance
Top countries
France 25%, Germany 11%, Widening countries 13%


  • News article

The EIC of the European Commission is teaming up with Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Poland, and Switzerland to host the European Night Reception during BIO International Convention on 4 June 2024 in San Diego, USA

  • 1 min read
  • 19 June 2024
TendersInfo - Project Notices | 18/06/2024 | The GLUCOTYPES project brings together leading experts in nutrition, metabolic diseases, glycobiology, gut microbiome, epidemiology, and machine learning from five European countries to tackle this challenge. It is funded under The European Innovation...
  • 19 June 2024
TendersInfo - Project Notices | 18/06/2024 | The ZEUS project is focused on advancing the development of innovative, highly efficient and radiation-resistant nanowire solar cells designed for in-orbit solar energy collection. It is funded under The European Innovation Council (EIC).

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