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European Innovation Council
EIC Board

Advising on strategy and implementation of all EIC activities. Bringing together a diverse set of actors to put the innovator at the heart of the EIC.

About the EIC Board

The EIC Board is established by the Horizon Europe legislation with a mandate to advise on:

  • Overall strategy for the EIC
  • The EIC work programme for implementation
  • Identification of strategic portfolios of projects and the profile of EIC Programme Managers
  • Other actions to improve the European innovation ecosystem

The members of the Board, including a President, are selected following an open call for expressions of interest.

EIC Board meetings

The EIC Board holds 5 - 6 plenary meetings per year to discuss, decide, recommend on matters falling within their respective areas of responsibility.

Minutes & agenda  

EIC Board Members

On 13 December 2023 the European Commission announced the appointment of ten new members of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Board and renewed the appointments of ten existing ones. The composition of the renewed Board ensures a strong diversity and balance considering innovation expertise, gender, age, and geographical backgrounds.

The EIC Board is led by its president, Michiel Scheffer, who started his role on 1 June 2023.

Members of the EIC Board are selected among the applicants who participated in the call for expression of interest published in 2021.

EIC Board

EIC Board Members

EIC pilot Advisory Board

Until end of May 2021, the role of the EIC Board was undertaken by the EIC pilot Advisory Board set up in 2019. See the list of members, activities and documents.

Latest news

EIC Board members
  • News article

The European Commission has appointed ten new members who will take up their roles as EIC Board members. Ten previous members have been appointed for a second period.

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