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European Innovation Council

EIC Board Members



CEO & Founder at WLOUNGE one of the biggest and most influential German tech networks 

Connectology - CEO; Global Entrepreneurship Network Europe - Executive Committee Member

Chairman EURACTIV, Chairman E-Health Valley, Co-founder BeCentral

Lecturer at MIT in the field of innovation ecosystems and deep tech ventures

Company Member, Investment Committee, InvestEU Fund former Member, Investment Committee, EFSI

Chief Innovation Officer of the Slovak Republic, Director General of the Research and Innovation Authority (VAIA) at the Government Office

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Skeleton Technologies

Entrepreneur in the fields of innovation, communication, emerging technologies, and education

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Rome La Sapienza

Head of the Technology Transfer and Innovation Center at Jožef Stefan Institute

Practice Lead Deep Tech and Senior Investment Director at Industrifonden, Founder of European Deeptech VC DETECT

Co-founder and Board Member of Bulgaria Startup Europe Networks