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European Innovation Council

Patrik Sobocki

Practice Lead Deep Tech and Senior Investment Director at Industrifonden, Founder of European Deeptech VC DETECT

Patrik Sobocki


Patrik focuses on Deep Tech and with a particular interest in technologies solving challenges in climate and health.

Prior to joining Industrifonden, Patrik held the position as business franchise leader with IMS Health responsible for data and technology business in Europe, Asia and Africa including responsibility for M&A. He has a seriel entrepreneurial background and been part of building and scaling two tech companies in the healthcare industry that both were successfully exited to US buyers (United Health Group and IMS Health). Prior to that he held international R&D and commercial leadership roles with BigPharma companies in Glaxo Smith Kline and AstraZeneca.

In his spare time Patrik loves all kinds of racket sports, turned a passionate foodie and loves discussions over a beer to discuss how technology can solve for global challenges

Patrik holds a Master of Science in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics, a Master in international management from the Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) and a PhD in Medicine from Karolinska Institutet. He currently holds an Associate Professorship in health economics and epidemiology with Karolinska Institutet and has published research in over 40 international peer-reviewed journals.