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Arnaud Cottet

Arnaud Cottet


Arnaud handled several positions in Tech Transfer in France and USA. He is a Technology Transfer Manager at ONERA, the French aerospace lab.

He was a Technology Commercialization Manager at the IDEA Center at Notre Dame and was responsible for the Commercialization Engine of 100 inventions. He took early-stage technologies of the University of Notre Dame through a process of evaluation and de-risking, transforming them into potentially life-changing and productive applications.

Before joining Notre Dame, Arnaud worked as a business developer with a technology transfer acceleration company in France. He was also an international expert on the European project PASRI where he improved the Technology Transfer Process in Tunisia. He trained and taught 60 persons. He is a lecturer in Technology Transfer and marketing of Innovation.

He is a Certified Intellectual Property Activities Leader from the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI). He is also a certified Viadesigner Mentor. Arnaud holds a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the “Université de Compiègne,” a Master of Science Degree and a Ph.D. Degree in Aerospace from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a University Degree in Digital Transformation from the University of Lyon.