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Attila Wootsch

Senior project manager at eChemicles

Dr Attila Wootsch

Attila is a passionate about making research project results into products. He is an experienced manager of R&D projects, mainly in the field of chemistry and renewable energy. From the beginning of his carrier, he has 10 years of experience as researcher, he worked first for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and completed several fellowships, including post-doctoral work at Université de Poitiers in France, visiting scientist at MIT, Boston (USA), Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin (Germany). He is expert in heterogenous catalysis, reactor design and engineering, hydrogen production, as well as synthesis of nano-particles. Attila’s references include 51 publications in peer reviewed journals, one international and two Hungarian patents. Attila has 15 years of experience with research and development projects funded by the European Commission framework programs. He personally managed more than 30 EU funded projects. From November 2022, Attila is senior project manager at eChemicles, responsible for fundraising and managing the EU-financed project portfolio of the company. Attila holds PhD in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Budapest and MSc in economics from Corvinus University.