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European Innovation Council

César Pascual García

EIC Ambassador, EIC beneficiary Electromed project

César Pascual García


Lead Research Associate at Luxembourg Insitute of Science and Technology

César received an EIC grant to develop his cancer vaccine-screening platform based on the technology. He has a background in solid-state physics, with extensive experience in instrumentation and nano-biosciences. After completed his Master´s degree in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), he received his Ph.D at the Scuola Normale Superiore studying fundamental properties of electrons.

He has been involved in fundamental and applied research in fields ranging from lasers, superconductivity and bio-safety.

With the award of the FNR-ATTRACT fellowship he began to lead in the field of biosensing. He also designed a new ISFET device optimising reliability and sensitivity with phenomena like mass transport. He has contributed to the opening of four new laboratories in different topic areas and research lines implementing sound solutions based on a science-to-technology approach.