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European Innovation Council

Daniel Kahn

Founder of Red Bridge

Daniel Kahn

Daniel has been for over 30 years and is committed to technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and international business.

Passionate about the impact of the technologies on our societies, he is an active part of the changes related to the digital society and to innovation.

Daniel is the founder of Red Bridge, a Luxembourg based firm and organization, dedicated to building business and investment bridges between people, companies, and investors, in and between Europe/Israel, Middle East, Asia and America.

After several years in the US and with US law firms, since 1988, Daniel Kahn has been working with early stage and leading tech companies and investors from all over the world, as founder and CEO of the first and leading French business law firm for the tech sector.

Since 2013, he is based in Luxembourg, from where he, with his team, continues to assist entrepreneurs and businesses from the EU and beyond, in their international development and expansion, including in market penetration, fundraising and exits, and is part of boards, advisory and investment committees. taking advantage of his vast and deep experience, network and imagination.

Daniel is also an active venture partner of Sanara Capital, an Israeli digital health and bio convergence fund.

Daniel is a prized advisor on strategic issues to many companies and investors, as well as European and governmental organizations.

Daniel is a close friend of TechTour and attends, and speaks at, many of their events across Europe, and was acting as President of the latest TechTour Growth 50 Europe edition.

Daniel Kahn has been awarded the title of “Chevalier de l’ Ordre National du Mérite”. He is member of the French and Luxembourg bars.