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European Innovation Council

DT2 Invest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Module 1 - Digital Transformation for AI and Blockchain

Focused on the strategic importance of these two technologies and the need to bridge Europe’s AI and Blockchain investment gap, estimated at 10 billion Euros annually. The module further explores the overarching strategy and support measures of the European Commission to address them.






Module 2 - Deep Dive: Artificial Intelligence

The second learning block dives into Artificial intelligence-related topics, starting from AI’s economic and social impacts as presented by state-of-the-art research and academics. Basic AI concepts and subdisciplines are further explored. To close this module, the topic of AI policy is also addressed from a regulator’s perspective.






Module 3 - Deep Dive: Blockchain

The third MOOC module analyses the various waves of adoption of blockchain technology, providing a comprehensive overview of its current use cases and future potential applications. Together with international agencies and institutions, the role of blockchain technologies in advancing sustainable development is further explored. Furthermore, buzzwords like “smart contracts”, “ICOs” and “Decentralized Finance” are decrypted. Lastly, this module ends with an overview of pioneering blockchain projects implemented by public entities across the EU.






Module 4 - Financing and Investment in AI and Blockchain

The module starts by addressing the critical challenges in financing these technologies and includes an overview of the current and future financing and capacity building schemes dedicated to financing AI/Blockchain. It also digs into the opportunities brought by the talents and high potential start-ups in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the threats faced as these relocate to other markets. The module further explores collaborations between corporates and start-ups with one concrete use case in AI and one in Blockchain. Finally, two  special units, recorded during the European Blockchain Week 2021, discuss in a panel format the role of both the public and private investments in enhancing innovation in Europe.








Module 5 - Outlook