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European Innovation Council
EIC Community Platform

The EIC Community Platform helps EIC innovators establish
on the European and global markets, by finding peers and
business partnerships.

What is the EIC Community?

The EIC Community rely on the EIC Community platform: an exclusive, virtual meeting place, where EIC funded projects and companies can connect with their peers and leverage potential business partnerships complemented by Community activities.  

This single entry gate gathers all innovative companies funded under the European Innovation Council, covering the EIC Accelerator and Pathfinder programmes, as well as coaches, national contact points, EEN key account managers, corporates, investors, procurers, EIC staff…and much more! 

On the EIC Community Platform you can: 

  • Access Business Acceleration Services like coaching and matchmaking events   
  • Explore business opportunities and expand your business network 
  • Co-create knowledge and self-organise online events and learning opportunities 
  • Get support from peers and the EIC eco-system, share experience and start discussions 
  • Expand networks with EIC ecosystem partners 
  • Share your experience and get support from peers via horizontal and thematic groups 
  • Co-create ideas and knowledge 
  • Promote interesting other events to the EIC Community 

How to access the EIC Community Platform? 

Enter the EIC Community Platform

You will be requested to log in using your EU Login username and password. If you do not have one, you can create your EU Login here.

You will then be asked to register your user profile. If you are funded by the EIC pilot it may be that your user profile has been already automatically registered. In this case just log in with EU Login username and password you are already in!

Who is it for?

The Community brings together all the people that interact around the EIC. For the moment the Community is open for EIC pilot-funded innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and small companies under Fast Track to Innovation, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Accelerator and investors. Very soon the platform will also include EIC Prizes, Coaches, Corporates, Evaluation Jury Members, Key Account Managers and Project Officers.

What is on the EIC Community Platform?

  • Stories show you highlights of the most relevant news, success stories, open calls for events and others.
  • Events promoted by the Business Acceleration Services, or events directly promoted by the EIC Community members in Groups
  • Topics help you find all the relevant information concerning a thematic area on one page (discussions, events, active groups etc.)
  • Groups provide members with a space to connect, share ideas and foster opportunities in public or private groups, between members with shared interests and purposes. Here you find information, events and group discussions under a specific theme created by a group
  • A searchable list of all EIC-funded companies.
  • Profiles of people and organisations who share relevant information about their activity (team, products or services, target markets)