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ATXA Therapeutics Ltd

PAH-ADVANCE: Accelerating the Clinical Path of NTP42, a disease-modifying drug that will disrupt the future treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases, including pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

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ATXA Therapeutics has developed NTP42, a disruptive new drug for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and related cardiopulmonary (heart & lung) diseases. NTP42 blocks the thromboxane receptor, a target at the root cause of PAH & related diseases. By treating all clinical hallmarks in both the LUNGS and HEART, NTP42 offers a game-changing solution for PAH leading to its rapid adoption once marketed. ATXA’s Phase I clinical trial showed NTP42 is safe & highly efficacious in man. With EIC Blended Finance and VC co-investment, ATXA will undertake a Phase II trial on NTP42 in PAH. We will then secure a licensing deal with a pharma to ACCELERATE NTP42 to the PAH market (sales >$1B at 5 yrs post-launch & royalty returns to ATXA). With the proceeds of the licensing deal, we will DIVERSIFY uses of NTP42/pipeline drugs to treat other priority target diseases. This will also ENABLE growth (>100 FTEs), transforming ATXA into a major European pharma with a diversified diseases & drugs portfolio.


Invested amount

EUR 6.000.000



  • Ireland
  • Health