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CO2BioClean GmbH

Novel business model enabled by a patented fermentation technology to produce 100% biodegradable textile fibres from CO2-emissions.

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Capturing CO2 directly from emission sources, CO2BioClean repurposes the collected carbon, and turns it into manufacturable biopolymer materials, used to make chairs, packagings, and textiles among others.

Our innovation is the creation of a disruptive business model in the textile industry by establishing a new interconnection between two industrial value chains that are typically not connected: CO2-emitting industry such as energy intense sectors, e.g. chemical industry, and the textile industry. The innovation is enabled by our patented fermentation technology which turns harmful industrial CO2-gases into valuable, 100% biodegradable biopolymers. We capture CO2 emissions before their release into the atmosphere and use them as feedstock to produce added-value PHA biopolymers through a highly efficient, high-yield fermentation process. In this process, 2.5 tonnes of CO2 are turned into 1 tonne of PHA biopolymer, from which textile fibres are produced and sold at current market prices (€1/kg). The material can be used for several years and fully decomposes within 1 year in industrial or home compost conditions or in the marine environment, thus preventing plastic pollution.


Invested amount

EUR 1,800,000



  • Germany
  • Engineering and technology