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CrayoNano AS

CrayoNano is a next generation semiconductor company. They specialize in nanotechnology that enables a sustainable and healthier life for everyone.

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The company aims at creating an efficient UVC LEDs technology that would make chemical-free disinfection possible. So far, such solutions were too costly for consumers. CrayoNano has developed a completely new UVC LED called SteriLED which will reach the strict cost-performance targets for the first time, backed by a growing portfolio of the market and industry players. The company improved on the processing technique and patented its projects with 14 patent families. 

The core technology of SteriLED is core nanowires of the semiconductor AlGaN grown on a substrate of promising new material, graphene. Thanks to the properties of these two nanomaterials, SteriLED emits 3X more light, has a 3X longer lifetime at one-fourth of the costs of standard UVC LEDs. The company wants to bring SteriLED to the water purification market at the beginning of 2022. The upcoming expected applications are high volume purification systems for water and surface and air disinfection. By introducing the solution, the need for other chemicals used in disinfection will be eliminated.



  • Norway
  • Engineering and technology