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Glassomer GmbH



Glassomer GmbH has developed the disruptive Glassomer® Technology, which revolutionizes the use of glass by allowing an almost limitless freedom of design. The unique, patent-pending technology allows structuring of glasses at temperatures below 130 °C, which enables the creation of tiny, complex glass components required in current and future key applications such as in (fiber) optics. 

The entire production can be done with machines used for polymers (e.g. injection molders), at the same low cost and high production volumes, but with 100% recyclability, 80% less energy consumption and resulting CO2 emissions. 

This opens up vast current and future markets, as proven by the first orders from companies such as Zeiss, BASF, Heinz Glass, Chanel, AAC for the smartphone market and Molex, a leading global fiber connector vendor.

Glassomer has generated major interest with several investors, and has secured two Letters of Intent (LOIs) for impending investments. Glassomer has also won several prestigious awards and secured major interest in world-renown media.



  • Germany
  • Engineering and technology