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Glucoset AS

Minimally invasive reliAble Glucose monitoring in Intensive Care

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9 of 10 intensive care unit (ICU) patients get elevated glucose levels because of their critical illness. Clinical trials prove that better glucose control could save thousands of lives and millions of euros for hospitals. Surprisingly, no continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is available for ICU patients, as solutions developed for diabetics don't work in the ICU. GlucoSet has a novel, patented technology for glucose monitoring. This enables - for the first time - reliable, minimally invasive, real-time monitoring of glucose in ICU patients. 4 of 5 EU ICU physicians say our product would be "very valuable" in their ICU and believe it will improve outcomes in their ICU. 9 of 10 ICU managers say they are willing to pay for use in a large share of their patients on launch. A demo version of the product has been tested in patients with excellent results (TRL6). This project aims to make the product ready for CE-mark (TRL8) in 22 months, then validate clinical benefits, and scale up (TRL9).


Invested amount

EUR 1,000,040



  • Norway
  • Engineering and technology