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Indoor Robotics LTD

Indoor Robotics is the creator of Tando, the first autonomous aerial platform. 



Indoor Robotics is the creator of Tando, the first autonomous aerial platform. Fueled by their belief that by using robotics, humankind can create a better, more convenient world, their patented technology leverages AI to perform independently every-day dull, dirty and dangerous tasks.

Tando enables their customers to be:

Aware - offering real-time quality coverage, AI based predictive analytics and access to data history, which eliminates false alarms, improves decision making on-the-go and minimizes margins of error.

Autonomous - Never tired, ensuring consistent quality and mitigating safety & security risks.

Affordable - Ensuring scalable, cost effective operation which reduces your coverage cost per square foot. Cut costs while increasing operational efficiency.

Invested amount

EUR 5 000 000



Press Release
  • Israel
  • Engineering and technology
Indoor Robotics team working in the laboratory, two man sitting at computer, two other men and a women checking toolboxes.

"I’m very proud to be the first company to commercially install fully autonomous indoor drone fleets that offer security, safety and maintenance inspection in buildings, data centers, warehouses, and retail spaces."

Doron Ben David, CEO

Doron Ben David