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Scipio bioscience

Innovative single-cell RNA-seq kit to detect the rarer and more significant cellular genomic expressions​

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This project will develop and perform the industrial scale-up of a game-changing scRNA-seq tool named DEEP-IN-CELL. This solution, in a kit format plus a cloud software analysis suite, will use multiple barcode beads per cell to greatly improve the cell capture rate (over 80% versus 25-50% with current technologies) and the percentage of cell contents captured (2-3 times higher than the current levels of 10-20%). Proteomic profiles, specific genes, and cell types will also be targeted. With high sensitivity to rare events, DEEP-IN-CELL will overcome the current limitations in single-cell research and expand the applications of scRNA-seq to important new clinical opportunities. The product will reach the international single-cell research market and is expected to generate sales exceeding €100M by 2026. Scipio will become the uncontested provider of leading single-cell RNA-seq kits, thereby establishing a new standard and new best practices in single-cell research.


Invested amount

EUR 2.131.000



  • France
  • Biotechnology