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VarmX BV

The first effective and safe reversal agent to stop or prevent life-threatening bleeding in patients taking the emerging generation of anticoagulants.

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50 Million patients worldwide use oral anticoagulants to prevent venous thrombosis and stroke. Since the last decade, unpredictable and risky indirect anticoagulant treatments are being replaced by the latest generation of blood-thinning medication: Factor Xa Direct Oral Anticoagulants (FXa-DOACs, used by >10 million patients in EU+US). With superior predictability, efficacy and safety profiles, these life-saving medications remain associated with a risk of uncontrolled and severe bleeding. Alarmingly, there is no safe reversal agent that restores blood clotting in patients who take FXa-DOACs, resulting in life-threatening bleeding episodes and >400k hospital admissions. To address the urgent unmet need, VarmX has developed VMX-C001, the first effective and safe reversal agent to FXa-DOACs. VarmX requests a €2,5M in grant and €15M in equity EIC to accelerate upscaling and improve the cost-effectiveness of the complex manufacturing process required to produce VMX-C001.


Invested amount

EUR 15,000,000



  • The Netherlands
  • Health