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YonaLink Ltd

A pioneer clinical trial management system to automatically collect, review and analyse prospective clinical trial data to prompt faster development of novel therapies.

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YonaLink (YL) is an Israeli company established in 2018 with the mission to disrupt the €46B clinical research market by connecting the world of Prospective Clinical Trial Data. To this end, YL is developing the YL System, a platform to migrate clinical research data saved in the patient health records, from medical centres to research database(s) in an automated, secure, validated, trusted and error-free way. The company has secured over €1.8M in the development of the YL System, reaching TRL 7 with pilot trials implementing it at Soroka MC (Clalit Health Insurance leading hospital) and in Sheba MC. The trials have confirmed the accuracy in migrating patients’ de-identified data from the EHR to the trial DB. EIC support will allow YL to finish optimization and validate the YL System in a multicentre–multinational pilot, demonstrating the advantage of automatic data transfer from EHR to the prospective trial database to all the clinical trial stakeholders in the EU.

Invested amount

EUR 1.127.600



  • Israel
  • Health