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Corporate Partnership Programme Call

The European Innovation Council is open for new collaborations with the largest and most innovative Corporations in Europe.

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The European Innovation Council (EIC) stimulates strong collaboration between the innovative companies it funds and large firms, investors, technology giants and industrial leaders to spur new partnerships and help small high-innovative companies scale-up their business.

The EIC Business Acceleration Services has developed since 2017 its EIC Corporate Partnership Programme to allow EIC-funded companies to boost their network and meet relevant decision-makers from the largest companies in Europe.

From October 2017 until June 2021, 45 initiatives have been organised through “EIC Corporate Days”, “EIC Multicorporate Days” and enhanced cooperation initiatives as Planet.Tech or Energy4Planet with +60 corporate partners like: ABB, Airbus, BMW, CommerzBank, Enel, Ferrovial, Medtronic, Philips, Roche, Solvay, Suez or Telefonica.

Over 1000 EIC-funded startups/scaleups and +2000 corporate high level representatives have been able to participate in these initiatives reporting a business impact of 43% follow-ups and almost 25% of business deals in less than 6 months, including numerous pilots, proofs of concept and other business collaborations.

The satisfaction rate among corporate representatives has reached 100%, proving the efficiency of the concept: bridging the gap between innovative SMEs and large companies can prove to be a vital strategy for business acceleration and growth.

What we offer is access to our portfolio of over 5500 highly innovative SMEs from all sectors and countries across Europe and to breakthrough technologies being developed in the most prominent labs in Europe. Check the characteristics and performance of our portfolio in the EIC Impact report. You could either get involved in the EIC Corporate Partnership programme or include your innovation challenge on our EIC Community challenge platform.

We are looking for Corporations with open innovation spirit, interested in integrating innovations coming from startups and research projects directly into their business offering, procurement and R&D activities as well as investing in high innovative companies.

The European Innovation Council is open for new collaborations with the largest and more innovative Corporations in Europe. To join the programme, please apply here.

Criteria for the EIC Corporate Partnership Programme

In order to reach the highest impact for our innovative SMEs and innovators, the EIC looks specifically for:

  1. Largest corporations in Europe (cumulative criteria):
    • More than 1B EUR turnover.
    • More than 1k employees worldwide.
    • Presence in at least 10 EU27 Member States.
    • Investment in startups-scaleups.
  2. Focus on the EIC portfolio needs. Main topics: Health, ICT, Energy and Transport, green technologies.
  3. Corporate investment and experience in “Open innovation” and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC).

Before embarking on a collaboration, we ask corporations to agree with theEIC Corporate Partnership Programme Declaration of intent.

Read the Highlights from Corporate Days to have an idea of what Corporate Days are, part of the Corporate Partnership Programme, and how they can help your business.