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EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support Programme

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The EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support programme is expanding the EIC Business Acceleration Services by addressing two of the greatest challenges for its innovators: accessing specialized sector-focused services and attracting private investors.

What does this programme offer?

By forging new strategic partnerships with key actors, such as Business Accelerators, Incubators and Research and Training Organizations, the EIC helps its beneficiaries access their resources, facilities and expertise, so that no individual need is left unaddressed.

On the co-investment front, beneficiaries will be supported and trained to make the most of their interactions with investors and matched with the most relevant ones, both through events and direct introductions.

Strategic partnerships

The EIC’s Business Acceleration Services already provide its community with access to coaches, mentors, expertise, business partners and training. But this new network of specialized partners will enhance that offer. The goal is to partner up with organizations capable of addressing highly individualized beneficiary needs that only select Ecosystem actors can help with, such as:

  • Workshops or matching processes on topics that aren’t covered by BAS.
  • Highly specific, niche services, such as the usage of specific laboratory equipment or technological due-diligence, and even relocation services and IPO coaching.
  • Integration into partner accelerators, incubators, or venture builders, according to the particular stage and specificities of the project.

Organizations may apply to become EIC Partners at any time, but their applications will be evaluated by batch, after each cut-off date.


Why partner up with the EIC?

New EIC partners will be given access to data on the most promising start-ups in Europe. Partnering up with the EIC will also be a chance to learn about new funding or business opportunities for the existing portfolio, and to start forging potential follow-up deals.

Rather than one-sided opportunities, these partnerships will be win-win arrangements to boost local innovation ecosystems.

Open Calls for partners will be promoted through the EIC Community on a regular basis, and prospective partners are encouraged to apply


Apply for EIC Partnership


Co-Investment support

Whether investor ready or a long way from bringing the project to the market, the EIC wants to support each beneficiary’s fundraising journey.

Under the Co-Investment Support activities, EIC innovators will:

  • Receive support in drafting business plans, financial estimates and investor deck storylines.
  • Be matched with qualified investors, focused on the relevant industry and stage, both through events and direct introductions.

Drawing private financing for high risk and highly innovative projects is not easy. But backing EIC innovators will give investors the chance to access a large directory of promising projects supported by the EIC, and find the best opportunities, at the right time.


  1. 5 April 2022

    Call for partners (NEXT CUT-OFF – 14 DECEMBER 2022)

    Call for investors (CLOSED)

  2. 27 April 2022
    Space and Transport Pitching Event


  3. 14 June 2022
    Sustainability and Tech Pitching Event


  4. 7 July 2022
    Medical Devices Pitching Event


  5. 8 September 2022
    ICT Pitching event


  6. 31 October 2022
    Investor Day on Software & Hardware in Lisbon


  7. 8 - 9 November 2022
    ePitching on Cleantech



12 APRIL 2022
FAQs: EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support Programme
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