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European Innovation Council

EIC Scale Up 100


The EIC Scale Up 100 is a forthcoming action to support 100 companies from the portfolio of EIC beneficiaries and other national and European innovation programmes to become global tech champions. It will help companies develop their corporate and leadership strategies, reach strategic investors and partners, expand internationally and obtain access to networking and peer exchange.

The project will proactively help the EU and its Member States build growth, expertise and leadership in the field of scaling up companies.

The action will generate the following impact:

  • Improved networking of successful founders/CEOs, corporates, public and private investors, policymakers across the EU etc.;
  • Attraction of European equity and improved matchmaking services, access to production facilities and equipment;
  • Improved knowledge and skills of management teams;
  • Strengthened image of the European scaleup scene;
  • Supported companies positioned as successful, fast-growing and sustainable future global leaders.

Support actions

The action will provide a package of support including bespoke networking, access to finance, internationalisation and marketing.

Some illustrative examples of expected actions are:

  • Actions to accelerate investments and business development among the most mature EIC beneficiaries and other selected companies;
  • Actions to support Internationalisation, soft landing, expansion to foreign markets are another set of measures in support of growing and scaling up companies;
  • Actions to support operational excellence of the supported companies;
  • Actions to foster inclusion and growth of women talent at selected companies;
  • Actions to Provide access and organise bespoke peer learning, networking and mentoring sessions;
  • Actions to Support networking and development of best practice between Member States on providing support for scaling up;
  • Actions to generate awareness of the EIC Scale Up 100 companies.


The call for implementing entities to propose a programme to identify, select, and promote the 100 companies closed on 5 October and all eligible proposals are under evaluation. The grant agreement with the implementing entity will be signed within 8 months after the call deadline.

  1. Project Kick Off
    Second quarter of 2023


22 JUNE 2022
Guidance Note on EIC Scale Up 100
(622.51 KB - PDF)


EIC Scale Up 100 – info session