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European Innovation Council

EIC Scaling Club

EIC Scaling Club


The EIC Scaling Club is an exclusive community of 100+ European high-growth deep-tech champions and their partners. The Club engages companies in a pan-European network of scalers to share their peer experience and obtain exposure at the European level. It provides the participating companies with tailored mentoring and access to quality business partners such as corporates and investors.

The 100+ participating companies come from the portfolio of EIC Awardees and other national and European innovation programmes or beyond. Companies are selected based on the transformative solution of their deep technologies in one of the market opportunities, such as sustainability (climate and energy), digital, health, and more, and their growth performance.


  • Improved networking and peer exchange between Europe’s top-performing deep tech founders and CEOs,
  • facilitated access to strategic partners, such as corporates and public and private investors,
  • improved knowledge and skills of management teams,
  • accelerated growth of the participating companies in terms of new investments, partners, and jobs created,
  • supported companies positioned as successful and fast-growing sustainable future global leaders,
  • strengthened image of the European scaleup scene.

Support actions

The EIC Scaling Club engages the selected companies in a committed network of a minimum of 400 quality ecosystem players consisting of:

  • 100 most active investors, including venture capital, growth, and government funds,
  • 100 most relevant corporations with their innovation, venturing, or development units,
  • 100 agencies, clusters, and media that promote scale-ups in Member States, regions, or sectors, and
  • 100 independent mentors with experience and relationships at the scale-up board level.

The action facilitates participating companies in building and nurturing relationships with strategic partners and key European institutions. The provided mentoring support and partner matching focus on advancing companies' corporate strategies, outreach to strategic investors and partners, and their international expansion.


  1. Companies’ selection
    Autumn 2023
  2. Kick-off of the 1st cohort
    April 2024
  3. Kick-off of the 2nd cohort
    October 2024
  4. Investment&Partnering roadshow
    October 2024 – April 2026