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European Innovation Council

Women Leadership Programme (EIC WLP) FAQ

Version 2.0, 19 June 2024 


Type of support.

Implementation of the EIC WLP 6th cohort

Details of events and schemes in the pipeline.

Application process

The 6th cohort of the EIC WLP is ONLY accepting applications from EIC & EIT supported women who are EIC or EIT companies’ (co)founders, CEOs or leaders in other chief positions. We do not accept applications from candidates in other positions or EIC beneficiaries with the researcher profile.


How application is assessed, and when do the results come.


Alumni groupA group of 180+ former WLP participants
CoachingExperienced professional provides advice, guidance, and support to enhance your business skills, performance, and growth
EIC European Innovation Council 
EIC CommunityAn (online) community of all entities receiving EIC funding
EIT European Institute of Innovation & Technology
EIT CommunityA community of EIT supported enterprises 
EIT KICsEuropean Institute of Innovation & Technology Knowledge and Innovation Communities - Europe-wide networks centred around addressing a specific societal challenge
MentorshipGuidance and support offered by an experienced individual to help you grow professionally and personally
WLP Women Leadership Programme 



In case of further questions, please contact the EIC Women Leadership Programme team via helloateicwlp [dot] com (hello[at]eicwlp[dot]com).