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European Innovation Council
Tech to Market Programme

EIC Tech to Market Programme (T2M) helps innovators from projects funded under EIC Pathfinder and Transition in their transition from lab to market

EIC Tech to Market Entrepreneurship

EIC Tech to Market Entrepreneurship focuses on deep-tech innovative researchers supported by the EIC Pathfinder and the EIC Transition having an entrepreneurial aspiration.

It offers a continuous and complete offer to help throughout the journey leading towards the maturation of their entrepreneurial project.

The training and support offer is conceived in a modular way, going from the fundamentals of deep-tech entrepreneurship, illustrated through the personal story of successful founders, to market and investor readiness where the solutions and business ideas are challenged by experienced mentors, investors and market representatives.

Entrepreneurial courses for innovative researchers

  1. 24 April & 28 April 2023
    EIC Innovation Discovery Training

    Two half-days of online collective sessions & group pitch coaching for deep tech scientists about the basics on entrepreneurship and advice on how to pitch your project.

  2. 17-19 April & 15 May 2023
    EIC Bootcamp for innovative researchers

    Four days of online collective workshops to explore in depth all major components to be mastered by a deep tech founder (value proposition, team, roadmap, pitch and much more.


  3. Starts on 15 March 2023
    EIC Pioneer Programme for innovative researchers

    Immersive 4.5 months programme of collective sessions (every Wednesday from 16.00 - 17.00 CET) & individual coaching to explore in depth deep-tech entrepreneurship related topics, from IP protection, industrialization, regulatory, team management to finance.


Business Model Development through design thinking and outside of the lab activities

More sessions will be scheduled in 2023 & 2024.

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  1. Starts 1 May 2023
    EIC Business Idea Validation Bootcamp

     A combination of collective workshops (7 days), team coaching and interviews outside of the lab over 3 weeks to design your business model based on your initial ideas and test it outside of the lab.

  2. Start 15 May 2023
    EIC Market Validation Programme:

    8 weeks of intensive (10 to 20 hours per week) online courses, masterclasses, coaching and interviews outside the lab to focus on your value proposition, your product-market fit and your pitching deck.


EIC Tech to Market Venture Building

With the EIC Tech to Market Venture Building Programme, the EIC aims to help build start-ups to exploit promising research results through venture building services, comprising a range of activities from identification of promising business ideas to venture creation and development.

How will the programme be implemented?

The EIC Tech to Market Venture Building Programme will onboard EIC beneficiaries (from EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition) and take them into a journey that will comprise 4 main phases:

  • Exploration & Validation
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Team creation
  • Venture support services.

There will also be the option of joining for specific on-demand services through EIC proactive management.

Chart showing details on the 4 main phases of the programme

Learn more on open calls & upcoming events


Open calls

  1. Deadline 17 April
    EIC Innovation Discovery Training
  2. Deadline 7 April
    Be part of the first EIC Bootcamp for innovative researchers
  3. Deadline 11 April
    Join the 1st batch of the EIC Tech to Market Venture Building Programme

Info sessions

  1. 15 March
    Online info session

    Tech2Market Venture Building 

    Check the presentation

    Tech2Market Entrepreneurship

    Check the presentation

EIC Tech to Market Entrepreneurship & Venture Building Programme: Info Session


Get in touch

If you have any questions, please contact us through the EIC Community’s contact page  by choosing  ‘EIC T2M Entrepreneurship Programme’ for more information related with the EIC Tech to Market Entrepreneurship Programme, and by choosing ‘EIC T2M Venture Building Programme’ for more information related with the EIC Tech to Market Venture Building Programme.