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European Innovation Council
Tech to Market Services

T2M BAS helps researchers and innovators in transition from lab to market and to develop the pathway towards commercialisation and technology transfer

The Tech to Market Services (T2M BAS) offer is designed to help researchers and innovators from projects funded under EIC Pathfinder and Transition funding schemes in transition from lab to market and to develop the pathway towards commercialisation (e.g. by start-up/spin-off creation) or other forms of technology transfer.  

Below, see an overview of these activities and services provided by the EIC and other EU services accessible to Pathfinder and Transition beneficiaries. The beneficiaries also have access to all the other Business Acceleration Services, including coaching


EIC Innovation Training  

The EIC Innovation Trainings are two-day virtual workshops offering concrete business tools through interactive sessions. During these workshops, participants receive an introduction on the commercialization and value-creation of research projects. This includes validating the technology, learning how to recognize business opportunities, honing your pitching skills, and presenting your innovative solutions.  


EIC Innovation Bootcamp 

The EIC Innovation Bootcamp aims at helping researchers navigate through the entrepreneurial world and acquire the right skills to successfully exit the lab with a technology or product ready for market. It is a four-day event consisting of a mix of interactive lectures with group dynamics and hands-on work on business modelling and pitching. After these sessions, participants are better equipped to reach the market and venture into the entrepreneurial world with an innovative product/solution that leads to successful business opportunities.  

The end goal is to present a high-quality pitch (EIC Accelerator step 1 level) on the fourth day and to actively participate with a selected team developing further the Pathfinder or Transition project research results, and innovations. 


EIC Innovation Webinars 

The EIC Innovation Webinars Series offer access to meaningful initiatives for Pathfinder and Transition beneficiaries, aimed at helping to create further business opportunities. These webinars with selected guests discuss different one-hour topics relevant to researchers and early-stage innovators who are taking on the entrepreneurial path.  

EIC Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP) 

Increasing the participation of women in deep-tech is not only a matter of fairness, but vitally important for using Europe’s full potential for excellence in science and innovation. The EIC Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP)  was launched by the European Commission to provide a dedicated programme of mentoring, skills enhancement, and networking for women entrepreneurs and researchers in EIC supported projects. It features dedicated coaching and pitching activities as well as different outreach initiatives to raise awareness and showcase women researchers and entrepreneurs as role models.  

Read more about the above business opportunities in the BAS Calendar and on the EIC Community Platform.



Other EU Support Services 

Horizon Results (HR) Booster 

The Horizon Results Booster addresses projects eager to go beyond their Dissemination and Exploitation (D&E) obligations under Horizon 2020 - steering research towards strong societal impact and concretising the value of R&I activity for societal challenges. In order to help the beneficiaries get a step further and better implement their D&E actions, the European Commission offers free consulting services through the Horizon Results Booster.  

Main services: 

  • Dissemination & exploitation strategy: it assists projects to improve their existing dissemination and exploitation strategy 
  • Business plan development: tailor-made training and support to develop a business plan which shall include market analysis, business strategy, operations plan, competitor identification and analysis, clear action plan to be implemented by the project and estimation of time to market 
  • Go-to-market support: this service prepares project consortia and/or specific beneficiaries within the project to take project results to the market 

Horizon Results Platform (HRP) 

The Horizon Results Platform is a matchmaking tool allowing the consortia to publish   Key Exploitable Results and to promote them vis-à-vis targeted audiences – investors, stakeholders, policy makers, potential business partners, etc. The HRP allows beneficiaries to fully manage the result profile and make the necessary changes when needed. 

IPR Support Services 

The European Commission also provides a range of IPR related supported services, aimed at educating and helping EIC beneficiaries to better manage their IP.  

Main initiatives: 

  • The European IPR Helpdesk is a first-line intellectual property (IP) service providing free-of-charge support to help beneficiaries of EU-funded research projects manage their IP in the context of transnational business or EU research and innovation programmes. 
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) provides free personalized Intellectual Property support. The EUIPO SME Fund supports through IP vouchers businesses in developing their IP strategies and protecting their IP rights, at national, regional or EU level. 
  • Horizon IP Scan Service is a free-of-charge IP advisory service supporting European start-ups and SMEs involved in EU-funded collaborative research projects to efficiently manage and valorise IP in collaborative research and innovation (R&I) activities.