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European Innovation Council

Lviv (Ukraine)

The European Capital of Innovation - 3rd place: Lviv (Ukraine)

Arieal view of city of Lviv with city hall and a hill in the background during a sunset.

Lviv is a unique Ukrainian city in Eastern Europe that is dynamically developing and emphasizes the introduction of innovations in various areas of life, including medicine, technology, education, energy, and the environment. Its proactive communities, leadership in implementing reforms, speed of innovation, and support for startup culture improve the quality of life for every resident and ensure economic stability and democracy.

A city of education and science

It is a city known for its focus on education and science, boasting 33 higher educational institutions. Over 150,000 students study in Lviv, actively engaging in student and social life, participating in various initiatives, and creating exciting projects themselves. In turn, the city provides platforms for practical experiments, creative ideas, and business startups. Notable platforms include the Tech Startup School, which focuses on entrepreneurial skills, and Lviv Open Lab, which promotes STEAM education.

A driven youth community

Lviv has a vibrant youth community and has won the title of Youth Capital of Ukraine 2018. The city joined the UNICEF initiative "Community Friendly for Children and Youth" within a few months. It established the first network of youth centers in Ukraine called TVORY!, consisting of four centers located in different districts of the city. These centers serve as hubs for networking and the development of young people. Lviv also hosts numerous festivals for young people, such as the Science Festival OL and MOLODVIZH, attracting over 3,000 participants each year. Lviv is European Youth Capital 2025.

One of the largest IT hubs in Ukraine

Lviv has evolved into a key IT hub bringing together 270 companies and startups, employing over 90,000 specialists. Lviv IT Cluster develops the technology industry in the region and the country together with representatives of government and education that gives tremendous results. The turnover of Lviv's IT industry has significantly increased, rising from $280 million in 2015 to $895 million in 2020. Despite regular massive strikes on the energy system by Russia, Ukrainian IT exports reached approximately $7.3 billion in revenue in 2022. Lviv IT Cluster initiated the Victory Projects in March 2022 as a response to the full-scale invasion. These projects aim to support business, military, critical and civil infrastructure, as well as strengthen regional security. In December 2022, Lviv IT Cluster community donated over 69,100,000 hryvnias (equivalent to almost $2,100,000) to the Victory projects.

Lviv actively supports the development of technology, particularly in the defence sector. The city has installed cameras equipped with facial and licence plate recognition technologies. It has also launched support for the development of medical drone programs and implemented the study of drone technologies in schools.

A leader in medical innovations

Furthermore, Lviv is a leader in medical innovations. With the onset of the full-scale invasion, the city has placed even more emphasis on medical innovation. A significant achievement is the creation of the UNBROKEN rehabilitation ecosystem. During the full-scale war, Lviv established the modern rehabilitation center UNBROKEN, which has provided care for 15,000 patients. The center takes a multifunctional approach to patient care, including reconstructive surgery, orthopedics, prosthetics, and physical, psychological, and psychosocial rehabilitation. All medical care provided at the center is free of charge. It serves both military personnel and civilians who were injured during the war.

The innovations in Lviv contribute to the transformation of the city, helping people to become UNBROKEN.