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European Innovation Council

Carina Faber

EIC Programme Manager for renewable energy conversion and alternative resource exploitation

Photo of Carina Faber

Carina Faber serves as EIC Programme Manager for renewable hydrogen, fuels and chemicals since November 2022. Her background is on computational materials science, with a PhD in Theoretical Physics. From 2020 to 2022, Carina co-led a 2-years R&I program on e-fuels for ENGIE. In 2019, during a post-doctoral fellowship at UCLouvain, she led the development of a technological roadmap on artificial photosynthesis within the EU large-scale initiative SUNRISE.  

Carina Faber’s expertise is on alternative fuels and chemicals made from renewable energy. For the EIC Work Programme 2024, she proposed a Pathfinder challenge on Solar-to-X-devices to make the next step towards synthetic fuels and chemical technologies integrating all necessary conversion steps into a single device, solely and directly driven by solar energy. To enable a fully circular and sustainable economy, her work also comprises the valorization of alternative sources, such as seawater, wastewater, brines or carbon dioxide from flue gases and the atmosphere.