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European Innovation Council

EIC Transition taxonomy

Identify the most relevant descriptors that correspond to your innovation.

In the preparation of your proposal, you are requested to select associated descriptors from a predefined list that contains disciplines (i.e. the four topics of the calls), sub-disciplines (dedicated per each topic) and descriptors. It is of the utmost importance that you analyse the relevant sub-disciplines that correspond to your proposal and select a minimum three and maximum six descriptors. By selecting the most appropriate descriptors you ensure that your proposal is attributed to expert-evaluators who have the most relevant thematic knowledge to adequately evaluate it. You will be requested to select these descriptors in the Funding & tenders (

EIC Transition Open 2022

EIC Transition Challenge: Green digital devices for the future

EIC Transition Challenge: Process and system integration of clean energy technologies

EIC Transition Challenge: RNA-based therapies and diagnostics for complex or rare genetic diseases