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EIC Transition Challenge: Chip-scale optical frequency combs - Information Day

We invite you to the EIC information day on the EIC Transition Challenge "Chip-scale optical frequency combs". 

The Session on the EIC Transition challenge “Chip-scale Optical Frequency Comb” targets Research Groups and SMEs that want to bring their research (at least experimental proof of concept TRL 3, ideally technology validated in the lab TRL 4) already achieved within an eligible project to the market.

The sessions will not provide information which has been provided at the General Info Day, for instance about how to submit proposals. Participants seeking this type of information, please watch the recording of the General Info day.

In addition, please note that  EIC Transition is restricted to proposals based on results generated by the following eligible projects:

  • EIC Pathfinder projects (including projects funded under EIC pilot Pathfinder, Horizon 2020 FET-Open, FET-Proactive) and FET Flagships calls (including ERANET calls under the FET Work Programme).
  • European Research Council Proof of Concept projects.
  • European Defence Fund (EDF), including the Preparatory Action on Defence Research, research projects, but only for proposals which are exclusively focused on civil applications (including dual use)
  • For Transition Challenges ONLY: all projects funded under Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe



16 FEBRUARY 2023
PPT - EIC Transition Challenge: Chip-scale Optical Frequency Comb


  • innovation
  • Thursday 9 February 2023, 11:35 - 13:00 (CET)


  1. 9 Feb 2023, 11:35 - 11:40 (CET)
    Welcome & Introduction

    Anne-Marie Sassen (EIC/EISMEA)

  2. 11:40 - 11:50 (CET)
    Presentation EIC Transition Project Specificities

    Isabel Obieta (EIC/EISMEA)

  3. 11:50 - 12:10 (CET)
    EIC Transition Challenge – “Chip-scale Optical Frequency Comb”

    Challenge considerations and criteria

    Examples of EIC projects in the “Photonic devices” Thematic area

    Isabel Obieta (EIC/EISMEA)


  4. 12:10 - 12:55 (CET)
  5. 12:55 - 13:00 (CET)
    Closing remarks

    Anne-Marie Sassen & Isabel Obieta (EIC/EISMEA)


Practical information

Thursday 9 February 2023, 11:35 - 13:00 (CET)