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Francesco Talone, Stefano Moni, and Giuseppe Restivo (Italy)

Francesco Talone, Stefano Moni, and Giuseppe Restivo (Italy), winners of the Procurement Leadership award 2021.


The Central Directorate of Criminal Police in Rome hosts and manages several law-enforcement information systems (i.e. National Investigative Information System, Schengen Information System, the National DNA Information System, or the Single Emergency Call Number 112).

They have designed and built a new generation 24/7 control room, namely the Cyber Security Operations Center: an innovative and technologically advanced solution conceived to monitor and contrast the cyber threats faced by the Italian law-enforcement information systems.

In the process, they introduced a new procurement procedure such as SDAPA ICT capable to lighten the overall purchasing lifecycle while, at the same time, reaching a larger audience of business operators.

The procedure was divided into 5 functional lots. Each lot, although launched in parallel with the others, represented an independent tender, so that the economic operators could submit a bid for one or more lots. This strategy encouraged a pervasive participation of both SMEs and largest enterprises, enabling a great sharing of opportunities. More than 3000 business companies had been invited and involved in the project. Thanks to the multiple lots tender, all the European and National enterprises registered on the platform had the opportunity to participate at the innovative C-SOC project in a totally digital way.

The five lots supply chain, designed as a single tender but with different lots, assured synergies and cooperation among the awarded business operators, without lack of continuity in the contract’s execution as were a unique contract.