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The Galician Health Service, SERGAS (Spain)

The Galician Health Service, SERGAS (Spain)


The CODIGO 100 project identifies, transforms, and implements innovative solutions to new health system challenges, to guarantee active and healthy ageing. They are transmuting an ageing population with risks of frailty, multi-pathologies and enormous healthcare needs into an active and healthy population.

An intensive and extensive use of public procurement procedures for innovation in all its forms has been made. PPI has become a standard operating procedure to innovate in SERGAS.

Its use has been extended to all the Galician Health Service and to the Quadruple Helix of Innovation in health, as a model of innovation focused on resolution of a common challenge.

SERGAS has established networks of relationship and exchange at European level. At the regional level, SERGAS developed the first Health Living Lab in Galicia (LABSAUDE). Companies are demanding the possibility of using this living lab as the demonstrator of health solutions that, in some cases, are and were part of public procurement.

The Galician innovation journey in search of PPI solutions for AHA