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European Innovation Council

George Brik

EIC Ambassador


CEO of Hydrovolta

George Brik is an innovator and entrepreneur, dedicated to advancing sustainable technology solutions, with a particular focus on water management and desalination. His entrepreneurial spirit, underscored by a Master's in Economy and Business Management, has been pivotal in overcoming the challenges of relocating from the Middle East to Belgium due to unrest. This resilience led to the co-founding of Hydrovolta, a company at the cutting edge of eco-friendly technologies and water desalination & reuse. Under George's leadership, Hydrovolta has not only developed innovative solutions but has also been recognized with multiple awards for its contributions to the field.

As a beneficiary of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator fund, George has a deep appreciation for how the EIC empowers startups. 

George dreams of a Europe that leads the world in solving water scarcity through innovative technologies. He wants Europe to set the example for managing water sustainably, showing how challenges can become chances for growth and new solutions.