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European Innovation Council

Luka Zupančič

EIC Ambassador


Head of Business Development at DATANA & PEARL-DNA, EIC beneficiary

Luka is a biotech leader and entrepreneur, notable for his work in sustainable development and innovation. Holding a master’s degree in science and engineering in the field of regenerative medicine, he has evolved from a dedicated researcher into a successful entrepreneur with ventures in sustainable biotechnology and digital health. Currently, Luka leads business development for the EIC Accelerator project "DATANA" and the EIC Pathfinder project "PEARL-DNA", pioneering the use of DNA as a sustainable digital data storage medium to address the looming global data storage crisis.

Recognized as one of the 100 young biotech Leaders of Tomorrow by the Global Biotech Revolution, Luka is an active science communicator, contributing to over 60 popular science articles. As an EIT Health alumni and a positive Climate Impact Forecast (CIF) certificate holder, his commitment to integrating sustainability into business practices is evident throughout his endeavors, accelerating forward-thinking solutions in the biotech landscape.