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News article22 November 20231 min read

EIC-funded companies at Intel & Hugging Face Summit

Representatives of the EIC-funded companies at Intel & Hugging Face Summit

Five EIC-funded AI-related deep tech start-ups participate in the Intel and Hugging Face Summit hosted in association with Leaseweb in Amsterdam on 22 November 2023. The summit is a unique opportunity for the start-ups to showcase their innovative solutions, network with leading AI experts and investors, and learn from the best practices of Intel and Hugging Face, two of the world’s leading companies in AI hardware and software acceleration.

The five start-ups are:

  • SiPearl, a French company that designs and markets high-performance, energy-efficient and secure processors for the European exascale supercomputers project.
  • Axelera AI, a Dutch company that develops a powerful, efficient and cost-effective AI acceleration technology to accelerate computer vision and generative AI in edge devices
  • Codasip, a Czech company that provides automated tools and IP for processor design and customisation.
  • Multiverse Computing, a Spanish company that leverages quantum computing and AI to optimize solutions for across all verticals and for the green transition financial and social impact problems.
  • Transmetrics, a Bulgarian company that uses AI and big data to optimize logistics and transport operations.


Publication date
22 November 2023