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News article23 November 20211 min read

EIC funded PolTREG debuting on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

The Polish company PolTREG is debuting this Tuesday on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Echange.

A representative from Poltreg receiving an award on stage, with three other individuals applauding in acknowledgment.

This biotechnology company is developing an innovative generation of medicines using T-regulatory cells (TREGS) in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Poltreg has been supported by the EIC for five years now, first as a Phase-I SME Instrument project and since 2018 as Phase-II SME Instrument (the predecessor of the EIC Accelerator scheme) with funding of EUR 2.49 million. Their project TREG, that will be running till October 2022, is focusing on the innovative therapy treating diabetes type 1 using TREGs that the company has been developing since 2015. 

The total value of the public offering will amount to nearly EUR 23 million. The funds that the company intends to obtain from the IPO shall be used to finance the current research and development projects related to the next stages of clinical trials on the treatment of type 1 diabetes in children and the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The solutions and technologies developed by the company allow to increase the number of TREGs in a patient. The method consists in taking the patient's blood, isolating the TREGS from it, multiplying them in the laboratory and preparing them as a form of a medicines, and then administering the TREGs preparation to the patient. In this field, the company is a pioneer on a global scale - it has conducted the world's first administration of TREGs in humans, and its treatment with TREGs in type 1 diabetes in children and in multiple sclerosis is - according to the Company's knowledge - the most advanced in clinical development.

In September 2021, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that the founders of PolTREG were granted a patent entitled “Method for ex vivo expansion of regulatory T-cells”.

PolTREG signed last week an agreement with AZTherapeutic from Boston on the development and commercialisation of the CAR-Treg-based therapies.

See the video from the event (in Polish)



Publication date
23 November 2021