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News article22 March 20221 min read

EIC-funded SDS Optic Inc. went public on the NewConnect – Warsaw Stock Exchange’s alternative trading system

SDS Optic Inc. went public on the NewConnect
© SDS Optic Inc. 2022

The Polish company SDS Optic Inc. has debuted last Tuesday (15 March 2022) on the NewConnect – the alternative trading system managed by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Shares were up 15% at the opening bell what could be seen as a great success, looking at recent financial market difficulties connected with war in the Ukraine.

This debut has been followed by the pre-IPO round of €2,5 million where well-known investment funds and HNWI (High Net-Worth Individuals) became company’s new shareholders, accounting for 20.7% in a share capital. Raised funds will be invested for a key platform technology inPROBE scale-up as well as for a capex to build a semi-industrial production facility of the disruptive photonics biosensors, building strong commercialization corporate partnering and covering future operating expenses.

SDS Optic is a cutting-edge biotech & medtech company specializing in connecting vast molecular biology with photonics, immunochemistry, and biomedical engineering. SDS Optic has been working on a disruptive targeted, point-of-care and real-time invivo HER2 breast cancer diagnostics microprobe with wide potential to scale up for other cancer markers and many other applications, incl. supporting new drug development and targeted therapies delivery monitoring IN SITU.

SDS Optic has been supported by the EIC for five years now, first as a Phase-I SME Instrument project and since late 2017 as Phase-II SME Instrument (the predecessor of the EIC Accelerator scheme) with funding of nearly €4 million. Their project SDS-OMIPROBE, that will be running till end of 2022, is focusing on the novel HER2 breast cancer in vivo real-time & numerical based diagnostics platform technology that the company has been developing since early 2015. 

inPROBE, core technology platform developed by SDS Optic, allows cancer biomarkers diagnosis in real-time, with no need for tissue biopsy (in vivo examination), delivering numerical-based results. This novel approach has a global opportunity to become new diagnostics and monitoring method and become widely used in a cancer molecular diagnostics or therapies efficacy monitoring as well as in many other areas, incl. infectious diseases, eye disorders, endoscopy, or sepsis.

SDS Optic has successfully went through the in-vitro testing, pre-clinical animal testing and has already kicked-off the clinical trials on more than 200 patients in 5 oncology centers in Poland.

SDS Optic has raised almost €13 million to date (both non-dilutive and equity funding), employs almost 40 people and runs high quality fully equipped almost 700m2 R&D Center in Lublin.

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Publication date
22 March 2022