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News article31 March 20221 min read

EIC-funded Sound Particles' contribution to win the Oscar for Best Sound

Congratulations to EIC-funded Sound Particles whose audio software have been used in Dune, Oscar-winning film in best sound category.

Sound Particles team
© Sound Particles 2022

Dune - nominated for 10 Oscars - used innovative audio software developed by Sound Particles, Portuguese start-up. The programme was used by Dune's team to create various sound effects, such as that of ships and other vehicles used by the characters.

This is the second time Sound Particles has received such an award - the film was also awarded the BAFTA Award for Best Sound at the ceremony of the 75th edition of the awards awarded by the British Academy of Film and Television, held in mid-March.

Background information

The adoption of 3D audio has been high in the gaming industry and in other entertainment sectors but its enjoyment is rather limited as existing audio software tools are based on 2D technologies. The EU-funded Sound Particles project aims to support the production of revolutionary 3D audio software tools. It uses the concept of computer graphics for audio, where each particle represents a 3D sound source and a virtual microphone captures the virtual sound of the particles. The project allows the creation of dramatically richer, realistic and impressive soundscapes. Sound Particles technology will enable a great increase in productivity in the whole audio sector.


Publication date
31 March 2022