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European Innovation Council
News article7 December 20221 min read

EIC Impact report 2022


The support provided to date has resulted in:

•  The portfolio of EIC companies achieving a combined valuation of over €40 billion, including 12 ‘unicorns’ and 112 ‘centaur’ companies.

•  Incentivising over €10 billion in follow-on investments in its portfolio companies, including from venture capital, corporates, and national promotional banks.

•  20% of funding for women led companies under the Accelerator and over 30% women researchers in the Pathfinder.

•  Completed 92 investment agreements and leveraged €500 million in co-investment alongside the EIC Fund representing 2.6 euro of additional equity investment for every euro of investment via the EIC Fund.

•  Supported over 500 research projects that have produced around 1 375 innovations, with over 90% likely to result in a new or improved product or process.

•  Provided €100 million to commercialise ground-breaking ideas through the first set of EIC Transition calls.

Cover of the Impact report -  robotic hand, 3D glasses, chart of stock exchange on mosaic of abstract shapes
General publications6 December 2022
EIC impact report 2022

To date, the EIC has supported a portfolio of over 1 600 startups that have helped generate 12 deep tech Unicorns and 112 Centaurs here in Europe. EIC companies have attracted over EUR 10 bn of followon investment and the valuation of the EIC portfolio of companies stands at over EUR 40 bn. Learn more about the EIC impact in this report.


General publications6 December 2022



Publication date
7 December 2022