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News article9 February 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read

The European Innovation Council launches SPIN4EIC Strategic Innovation Procurement Programme

Join the online launching event on 22 February and discover the services and the community!

The European Innovation Council (EIC) launches the SPIN4EIC Strategic Innovation Procurement Programme, an innovative and unique initiative dedicated to delivering unmatched support services to EIC innovators. Its purpose is to enhance their ability to access procurement markets both in Europe and worldwide. The program is committed to promoting the entry of outstanding EIC innovators into procurement markets, generating broader prospects for inventive SMEs and startups. SPIN4EIC extends its dedication also to Private and Public Buyers, with support services tailored for procurement of innovation.

The Programme provides assistance to EIC beneficiaries through Innovation Procurement Academies and tailored assistance to take part as bidders in Public and Private sector tenders in and outside Europe. It also includes specific support to Public Buyers contributing to the enhancement of their capacity to purchase innovative solutions and fostering innovation in Europe. SPIN4EIC also provides for events bringing together key EIC innovators and buyers and including pitching sessions and matchmaking corners.

The community of SPIN4EIC on the EIC Platform is animated by two distinct groups catering to Public and Private Buyers, along with five thematic groups: Agriculture, Food, and Beverage; Construction, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing; Digital Transformation; Energy, Water, Environment, Sustainability, and Mobility; and Health and Life Sciences. These groups will offer Buyers the opportunity and support to launch and promote their challenges and to EIC Beneficiaries the access and the visibility to them, together with the latest opportunities, calls and events that are pertinent to their respective fields of interest.

Who can participate in SPIN4EIC Programme?

EIC beneficiaries can access expanded business prospects by connecting with the demand side, and by receiving assistance in tender submissions for Innovation Procurements on both European and global scales.

Public and Private Buyers interested in the innovations of the EIC Beneficiaries can receive valuable support for procuring innovation and an active involvement in communities alongside procurers tackling similar needs.

Join the launching event

To discover all the aspects and the services of the Programme participate to the launching event Elevate&Connect on 22 February 2024 from 10:00 to 12:00 CET.

More information about the info session is available in SPIN4EIC – Launching Event: Elevate & Connect event page.

Register for the event here


Need help?

For additional information, please contact us through the EIC Community’s contact page  by choosing SPIN4EIC Strategic Innovation Procurement Programme. You can also visit the SPIN4EIC page to know more about our service offer.


Publication date
9 February 2024
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency