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News article26 April 20231 min read

European Innovation Council Transition calls - first 2023 cut-off statistics

Open: 131 proposals, € 317.6 million requested budget, 26 countries. Challenges: 49 proposals, € 114.2 million requested budget, 21 countries

The European Commission’s European Innovation Council (EIC) received 180 proposals for the first 2023 cut-off of EIC Transition calls. EIC Transition projects focus on results generated by EIC Pathfinder, FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) or European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept projects, to mature the technologies and build a business case for specific applications. Grants of up to €2.5 million are available to validate and demonstrate technology in application-relevant environment and develop market readiness.

EIC Transition Open call

131 proposals from 26 countries have been submitted for the EIC Transition Open call, requesting a budget of €317.65 million.

EIC Transition Open funds novel technologies from any scientific field that have already reached the experimental proof of principle in laboratory. These technologies should aim to achieve further maturation and validation in the lab and in relevant application environments in order to develop market readiness.

EIC Transition Challenges

49 proposals from 21 countries have been submitted for the call under EIC Transition Challenges:

  • 31 proposals under Full scale Micro-Nano-Bio devices for medical and medical research applications, requesting €2.98 million
  • 12 proposals under Chip-scale optical frequency combs requesting €28.5 million
  • 6 proposals under Environmental intelligence requesting €10.4 million

Full scale Micro-Nano-Bio devices for medical and medical research applications challenge aims at the completion of Micro-Nano-Bio technology suitable for transition to market.

Environmental intelligence challenge focuses on demonstrating novel devices, sensors or technologies that have a clear and quantifiable advantage with respect to one or several of the key issues mentioned above compared with existing alternatives for similar class of problems or applications.

Chip-scale optical frequency combs challenge aims to advance technological developments of the light states in driven nonlinear systems and to develop novel platforms for chip-scale frequency combs.

Next steps

The proposals are now being evaluated and projects will start in autumn 2023.

Next cut-off day for sending proposals is on 27 September.

Background information

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Publication date
26 April 2023