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News article14 January 20221 min read

INNOSUP funded project PITCCH announces the third call for Corporate Challenges

PITCCH aims to create a Pan-European Open Innovation Network to facilitate the establishment of structured collaborations between big corporations as technology seekers and SMEs and start-ups as technology providers.

INNOSUP funded project PITCCH is running its 3rd Call for Corporate Challenges

PITCCH gathers innovation challenges from big corporations and scouts potential solutions from SMEs and Startups. It has already selected and published 12 Corporate Challenges under two prior cut-offs and is expecting to select and publish an additional 5 under this third cut-off. In the network, technology centres can act as intermediaries between companies to ease the delivery of solutions and innovations to solve the Challenges.

Big corporations are now welcome to submit their Corporate Challenges on the PITCCH Open Innovation Platform. The Corporate Challenge is a technological request to develop or improve a product, process or service. The Challenge proposal shall be relevant to one or more of the European priority areas and global challenges and be seeking solutions based on advanced technologies. Furthermore, we are looking for Challenges that require novel solutions not available on the market yet, hence involving some research activities, and that are not yet part of a big corporation’s existing R&D programme with other partners. 

The PITCCH consortium will facilitate the process of finding the best solution providers from across Europe and enable big corporations to choose the finalists for the PITCCH Day when selected SMEs and start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions in front of the big corporations. Qualified technology centres can also contribute to these open innovation projects by offering their services.

The financial support includes a €5 000 from the PITCCH consortium to the selected SME and a minimum €5 000 to be committed by the big corporations, at the time of the Challenge publication, as an award for the SME to cover its activities’ costs or the access to specialised services from technology centres. The higher financial award can be proposed by the big corporations at their own discretion.

On 20 December, PITCCH project published its third open call for corporate challenges. The deadline for applying for the collaboration is 14 February. The selected Challenges will be published and launched on the Platform at the beginning of March 2022.

You can submit your challenge on the PITCCH Open Innovation Platform and find more information on the website.



Publication date
14 January 2022