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European Innovation Council

Philippe Notton

EIC Ambassador


CEO and Founder of SiPearl

Philippe Notton is the CEO and Founder of SiPearl, the French company building the energy-efficient HPC dedicated microprocessor designed to work with any third-party accelerator (GPU, AI, quantum).

His original vision of SiPearl came in 2015 while he was leading a division of 2400 engineers at STMicroelectronics. In 2017, he joined Atos to set up the European Processor Initiative (EPI) consortium, which aimed to foster the return of high-performance microprocessor design to Europe. In June 2019, he created SiPearl with the support of the European Union. In October 2023, he won an emblematic contract to equip JUPITER, the first exascale supercomputer in Europe.