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European Innovation Council

Stella Tkatchova

Stella Tkatchova portrait


EIC Programme Manager for space systems and technologies

Stella’s expertise is in the commercialization of space technologies. Previously she worked as a commercialization and project manager in the European space industry, managing a number of projects in the telecommunications (e.g. ESA ARTES INDIGO public private partnership, GOVSATCOM, O3B) and Earth observation (e.g. Copernicus Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 3) domains. Her expertise also includes managing and reviewing R&I exploratory projects in the aviation industry for the European Commission. As a commercialization manager, she co-founded a company and helped several SMEs and start-ups grow in the Newspace industry. Earlier in her career, she worked at ESA’s European Space and Technology Centre (ESTEC) on the EU Galileo and the International Space Station (ISS) programs.

She was awarded a PhD by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of TU-Delft, The Netherlands and a Master of Space Studies from the International Space University (ISU), Strasbourg, France.

She has written numerous articles, books, produced webinars and podcasts on problems related to the commercialization of space technology, the Newspace economy, space debris mitigation, on-orbit servicing, active debris removal and cis-lunar exploration.

Her recent scholarly interest is focused on the future evolution of technology innovations for space debris mitigation, on-orbit satellite servicing and active space debris removal services.

She is the founder and former editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Space Technology Management & Innovation (IJSTMI). 

Start date:  March 2022

2022 event in the space systems and technologies porfolio

  1. 7- 8 December
    EIC Summit, Brussels (BE)
  2. 15 - 17 November
    SpaceTech Expo Europe - Bremen, DE
  3. 8 - 10 November
    MELiSSA Conference – Toulouse, FR
  4. 24 & 25 October
    European Space Forum 2022
    • View full agenda and list of speakers here 
  5. 5 October
    EIC Podcast series: Episode 1 - Eliminating space debris with innovative technologies
    • EIC's podcast The game changers: from radical idea to innovative business 
    • Featuring Lorenzo Tarabini Castellani and Gonzalo Sanchez Arriaga of EIC Pathfinder project, E.T. PACK
    • Listen to the full episode here
  6. 3 - 6 October
    EU Space Week - Prague, CZ (
  7. 28 - 29 September
    Industry Space Days - Noordwjik, NL
  8. 22 - 27 September
    EIC Challenges Workshop with Member States
    • Organised by the Programme Managers' Office 
    • Please find individual reports and Power Point presentations for the session here
  9. 18 - 23 September
    International Astronautical Congress (IAC) - Paris, FR
  10. 15 - 16 September
    Space Cost Engineering - ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL
  11. 27 - 28 June
    MAP WHISKIES meeting - Noordwjik, NL
  12. 15 - 18 June
    VivaTech Conference - Paris, FR
  13. 14 June
    EXPANDEO & FIRE FORUM 2022 - Round Table "Market Development Activities – future R&D" – Brussels, BE
  14. 1 June
    EUSPA Entrepreneurship Day - Prague, CZ
  15. 13 May
    EIC and ESA Workshop “Challenges for Circular Economy & Sustainable Living in Space and on Earth” (online)
  16. 27 April
    EIC and EUSPA Workshop "EIC Opportunities for space SMEs" (online)
  17. 28 March
    EUSPA Workshop on FIN capacity building “Infrastructure lifecycle support from space” - Prague, CZ