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DECODE - Quick test to differentiate between bacterial, viral infections

MeMed, a leader in the emerging field of advanced host-response technologies, announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted them clearance to use their technology to help healthcare providers distinguish between infections

DECODE machine for quick test, a box for accepting the samples with an digital display for results

Their journey with the European Innovation Council (EIC)

MeMed started their journey with the EIC with Respiratory-ImmunoDx project funded under Horizon 2020 SME Instrument. This enabled them to have clinical validation of the biomarker signature for accurate diagnosis of viral versus bacterial lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI). They were able to develop, validate and prepare for EU regulatory clearance for a new point-of-need device (that rapidly measures the signature from a drop of blood). This is where they developed MeMed Key™, an easy-to-use point-of-care platform able to measure multiple proteins rapidly with lab-level precision.

Under the Fast Track to Innovation programme, with the project AutoPilot-Dx, they evaluated performance and clinical utility in real working conditions in paediatric hospitals, as the previous trials were just for adults. They used a signature, named BV™, to determine the levels of three host proteins that enabled them to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections.

With the EIC Accelerator DECODE project they are deploying the BV™/Key™ at hospitals in Israel, Germany and Italy that are managing COVID-19 patients.

MeMed BV® is a first-of-its-kind immune-based protein signature test, developed and validated over the course of decade-long collaborations with leading academic and commercial partners. It provides physicians with an indispensable tool to help distinguish between bacterial and viral infections across multiple pathogens, even if the infection site is inaccessible or unknown.

They are collecting real world evidence to support the performance of BV™ in identifying early viral infection and predicting/monitoring disease severity of COVID-19 disease. By doing so, they are maturing the BV™/Key™ system based on lessons learned during deployment.

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