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Kitepower is taking its clean wind energy to the Caribbean Island

Kitepower's mobile Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES), the Falcon 100kW, is the very first AWES to be operated in the Caribbean.

Container with the Kitepower logo linked to a kite in the air.

The deployment of the innovative wind energy system has been part of "Caribbean Engineer 2021 (CAEN21)", a military exercise carried out by the Dutch Defence near the area of Vader Piet on the island of Aruba. The ongoing operation follows a five-year-long collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Defence and Kitepower.

Kitepower, a startup working in airborne wind energy systems (AWES), develops innovative and cost-effective alternatives to existing wind turbines by using kites to generate electricity. Thanks to the company's patented game-changing technology, the Dutch startup aims to tackle the global energy issue by offering system integrators that operate distributed energy grids. The scalable technology can significantly decrease CO2 emissions, and therefore, accelerate the race to zero emissions.

Kitepower has received a Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) grant to implement a go-to-market strategy for their airborne wind energy system. The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is part of the Enhanced European Innovation Council pilot (Enhanced EIC pilot) (specifically, the Pathfinder).


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