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Tara Dickman

Founder and Director General of Le Next Level

Tara Dickman

Inclusive leadership trainer, strategist and lecturer Tara Dickman is the founder and Director General of Le Next Level, a France-based non-profit organisation whose purpose is to support those fighting for inclusive societies in their collective power building process, and those in positions of power in their inclusive leadership development. Since 2013, it has offered conferences, workshops and trainings to NGOs, corporations, foundations, non-profit grassroots organizations and the public sector, in France and across the world.

The former director of the French chapter of Humanity in Action, an NGO that educates, connects and activates young people around the history and contemporary issues related to human and minority rights, she has worked as an inclusive leadership trainer, community organiser, and strategy consultant for almost 15 years.

French born and raised in a multicultural, multilingual and multifaith family in a variety of socioeconomic contexts throughout her life, Tara Dickman holds a BA in Communications and an MA in Cultural Policy in Europe from Université Paris 8 - Vincennes, an MA in Comparative Politics and Minority rights from New York University, a Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education certificate in Community organising, and a Harvard Business School Online certificate in Power and Influence for Positive Change.